Mercredi 08 Avril 2020 - Exposition de sculptures au château de Châlus Chabrol - Châlus (87)

10h à 19h - château - 6€ et gratuit. Visite libre. Mise à l'honneur du sculpteur Roland Manain au château de Châlus-Chabrol. Tél. : 06 71 38 19 43. Contact : Office de Tourisme Pays de Nexon – Monts de Châlus (source LEI) 05 55 58 28 44

Mercredi 08 Avril 2020 - Heure du conte - Flavignac (87)

16h à 16h45 - médiathèque - gratuit - enfants de plus de trois ans. Venez écouter les histoires loufoques, tendres, drôles, monstrueuses, parfois tristes, parfois gaies, mais toujours choisies avec coeur et passion par vos bibliothécaires ! Sur inscription au 05 55 36 09 48. Site : Contact : Office de Tourisme Pays de Nexon – Monts de Châlus (source LEI) 05 55 58 28 44

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Meteo Nexon Châlus
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The Castle of Montbrun


Guided visits are organised throughout the year.

Open from April to September        


Tickets on sale at La Taverne in Montbrun


Information 05 55 05 01 44


The castle of Montbrun, in the commune of Dournazac, was a dependency of the county of Poitou in the Middle Ages. It is situated on the bank of a small river, the Dournaujou, near Le Grand Puyconnieux, one of the highest points of the Monts de Châlus. It was built at the end of the 12th century by Aymeric Brun who also founded, in 1180, the priory of Thavaud a few kilometres away. The castle was burned and reduced to a ruin in 1385 and rebuilt in the 15th century in its present form by Pierre de Montbrun, Bishop of Limoges. Although it has been badly damaged, particularly by the fire of 1917, it has retained four huge towers, one of which is known as “Grand Jacques”, a superb rectangular keep and one of the finest examples of its type. A short distance away, you can see the castle motte, the original fortification. Montbrun, reflected in the lake that acts as a moat, is without doubt one of the most beautiful and picturesque monuments in Limousin.

panoramic view of Montbrun