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Chestnut-based culinary specialities

The chestnut orchard (châtaigneraie) provides chestnuts of all varieties. New ways of using this fruit continue to be developed to this day.

Associated with the harvesting of the fruit, the “clédiers“ are small buildings, square, rectangular or round, that were used in the past to dry the chestnuts.

There are many of these clédiers, found both on their own or next to bread ovens.

A booklet ”Clédiers en Périgord-Limousin“ published by the Regional Natural Park of Périgord-Limousin describes the different aspects of the history, the culture and the working knowledge associated with these chestnut driers. 

Le jacquet

Le Jacquet : a chestnut cake, made on the premises (available daily).


Open daily except Mondays, 8.15 – 7.30pm


Patisserie FAYEMENDY - 5, rue Salardine 87230 Châlus

Tél. 0033 - (0)5 55 78 43 68


Chestnut black puddings “ Boudins aux châtaignes “

You will find this regional speciality in all the butchers and delicatessens, especially during the winter.



Charcuterie - Traiteur CHEZEAU Jean-Yves

3, place de la Fontaine 87230 Châlus

Tél./Fax : 0033 - (0)5 55 78 42 77


Chestnut black puddings, various local meat pies

Open daily except Monday