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Healing Springs

Healing or miraculous springs are places to be visited because of the curative powers attributed to them.

Votive offerings are left on the cross or trees near the spring; these include linen, items of clothing of the sick and, for animals, collars and chains. For example, La Bonne Fontaine or Font du Rieu Tari or Font de Saint-Fiacre, found in the middle of the Forest of Les Cars, has as its particular ability the power to heal horned animals.

The three healing springs of St Eutrope of Courbefy each have a specific function: the first would heal the “mal des saints” the second rheumatism and the third would relieve toothache.

These healing springs are found throughout the region of the Monts de Châlus; make sure not to miss them when you take one of the footpaths that give access to these still popular places.