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The Pilgrims’ Route to Compostela

The area of the Monts de Châlus is crossed by the historic Voie de Vézelay or Via Lemovicensis (The Limousin Way).

The route followed by today’s pilgrims to Compostela passes through the same customary stopping places that this historic journey has always done.

From the time of the Middle Ages, pilgrims already passed through the Monts de Châlus, as is shown by the tombstones in the church of Lageyrat.

You can try a Jacquet, a chestnut cake. Le Jacquet (meaning someone who goes to Santiago de Compostela) was the French word for a Compostela pilgrim in the Middle Ages.

The Commune of Flavignac has established a pilgrims’ hostel

Pilgrim hostel at Flavignac

9 place Saint-Fortunat (opposite the church) – hostel with 4 beds (2 sets of bunks), a corner kitchen, a bathroom with washbasin and shower.

10€ per person per night  

Tel : Flavignac Mairie : 05 55 39 11 14 (advance booking recommended).