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Site du Grand Puyconnieux at Dournazac

The high point known as Le Grand Puyconnieux is found in the north of the commune of Dournazac, near the castle of Montbrun, and offers an exceptional viewpoint over a vast area. The track to the summit leads from the car park below. There are 7 terraced stopping points on the way to the summit which enable visitors to discover the features of the countryside and its historical and economic origins.

At the summit, a feature on the ground enables  young visitors to discover the meaning of the term “watershed”.  A panoramic map and benches are also available for visitors. 

The chestnut trail and conservation orchard at Dournazac

The chestnut trail offers everyone the opportunity to discover this fruit, emblem of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin (the Regional National Park of Périgord-Limousin).

There are nine detailed information boards from which you can discover, at your own pace, the life-cycle of the chestnut tree, the culinary uses of the chestnut, the conservation of the different varieties, the chestnut in history…

Allow 45 minutes for the walk and make sure you have suitable footwear; the walk is through a grassy chestnut orchard.

Open from March to November. Non-guided visit.



Musical trail at Pageas (at the Aire de Repos)

Musical trail at Pageas (at the Aire de Repos)

In a woodland setting, beside the River Gorre, you will find trees and bushes suited to the making of musical instruments.

Allow 1 hour. Benches and picnic tables

A free booklet to accompany the visit is available at the start of the trail.

Tèrra aventura, géocaching made in Limousin

Come and discover Limousin by means of a real high-tech treasure hunt, “played” by people from 7 to 77, keen on adventure and equipped with GPS. The game consists of solving a series of clues in order to discover the 30 geocaches hidden across the region.

Geocaching at Les Cars : Set off in search of the geocache “The Pérusse Treasure of Les Cars”

GPS hire available by the day or half day from the Tourist Office Tel: 09 60 07 30 07

Before leaving, download your route map or collect one from the Monts de Châlus Tourist Office. 

Balades Randio'guidées en Périgord-Limousin

Louez votre guide de poche pour des balades commentées en toute liberté !

Partez en promenade avec votre audioguide et découvrez le Périgord-Limousin. Chaque circuit est ponctué de plus d’une dizaine de points d’intérêts où se déclenchent un commentaire, un conte, une vidéo, un jeu quizz… sur des thèmes aussi diversifiés que la faune, la flore, le paysage, le patrimoine bâti, les produits fermiers, … Ainsi, le Périgord-Limousin n’aura plus de secrets pour vous.


Balade Randio’guidée à Dournazac « Au pays de Burgou »

Départ : parking du Grand Puyconnieux à Dournazac

8 km – 3h30 – 2 variantes - 2 alternatives routes : 1h15 et 2h45

Vous êtes ici au Pays des Feuillardiers, le pays du châtaignier…le pays aussi de la bande à Burgou, un célèbre brigand qui, disait-on, volait les riches pour donner aux pauvres ! Laissez-vous conter cette histoire tout en découvrant les trésors cachés…


Tarifs :

Tarif : 4 €



Location et renseignements : Office de Tourisme des Monts de Châlus
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